Youths in Balaclava Men’s Fall 2022

Youths In Balaclava Men’s Fall 2022

The Singapore collective known as Youths in Balaclava, the label itself suggesting a rebellious spirit, called its fall collection “Psycho Highway” and rolled out a slick seven-minute sci-fi film with winks to “Mad Max.”

Set in a fictional dystopian city, the film introduced three factions challenging the totalitarian government and its all-seeing eye — and of course, their wardrobes are inspired by hot-rod culture, the chopper scene and customized bosozoku cars.

“A metaphor wrapped in a narrative, the story of Psycho Highway is a reflection of our country and the different subcultures,” the brand said in the collection notes.

Taufiq Iskandar, team leader, came on to Zoom to explain the densely layered story, also noting that many of his design role models came from automotive design.

Not much happens in the film, except for a lot of sullen posing in cool leather jackets, khakis kinked up with corset lacing or straps galore, and quilted Bermuda shorts, which seem to be a thing for fall 2022.

The clothes were meticulously detailed, original and often loud, and should get some youths riled up for, if not rebellion, than wardrobe building.

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