Children of the Discordance Men’s Fall 2022

BMX pros from the '80s-inspired Children's designer Hideaki Shikama's vintage-tinged streetwear collection.

Children of the Discordance Men’s Fall 2022

Unlike many streetwear players, which built their reputations on hype, limited-edition drops and recognizable logos, Hideaki Shikama has been crafting his lexicon around Japanese youth subcultures and their clothing codes — be they skateboarders from the ‘90s, street dancers or today’s hip-hop sensations.

The Children’s designer does it via obsessive research into vintage textiles which he applies to retro-tinged silhouettes, usually managing to make them look credible.

BMX pros were fall’s main characters — seen doing their tricks against busy urban landscapes in the eight-minute show video. The collection’s ‘80s-inflected streetwear with military references and a strong outdoorsy component reiterated Shikama’s ability to reboot cool kids’ basics — acid-washed anoraks and parkas, spongy knitwear and plain hoodies — and turn them into identity-making garb.

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