A-Cold-Wall Men’s Fall 2022

The look fell somewhere between the street urchin of yesteryear, and the Mars dweller of tomorrow.

A-Cold-Wall Men’s Fall 2022

Since Samuel Ross segued into fine art and design, recently exhibiting furniture at Design Miami with New York’s Friedman Benda gallery, he’s decided to work in a more “emotional way” with fashion, too, focusing more on “expression and form and shape.”

His fall effort for A-Cold-Wall may be his most avant-garde yet; not always easy to like, but sometimes hard to get out of your head. Here were pants as curved as parenthesis, enveloping coats with wire-framed hoods that obscure the face, or burqa-like hoods that make one think of samurai head armor — or if you live in London, perhaps Renzo Piano’s striking building known as The Shard.

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