Magni, a cyborg in Second Life #03


Carnival is the main popular party in Brazil, with street blocks and samba school parades, various rhythms and dances such as samba, maracatu and frevo, are dominant representative symbols.

In 2021, Carnival is celebrated in Brazil on February 16. In Second Life, an event held by the Spanish Institute, celebrates CARNAVAL 2021 from February 11th to 16th.

CARNAVAL 2021 is the hot spot today.

The Spanish Institute began as a simulation of teaching Spanish, with the absence of teachers over time, it began to carry out cultural activities, according to the time of year. Mexico’s special celebration of festive dates is featured, Independence Day; Day of the Dead (most popular event); Mexican Revolution Day; Christmas.

CARNAVAL 2021 organizer, resident Malu Zhao, dedicates a day to a different country with a native DJ.


Slurl to CANAVAL 2021

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