Magni, a cyborg in Second Life #04


Today is a special day for me, my birthday. It is customary to say: Congratulations on another year of life! For me it is less than a year of life. Being alive is a gift from the Supreme Being, we have to celebrate life, birth date in all existential dimensions, first and Second Life.

Just over 3 years ago, when I got to know Second Life, I remember that what most enchanted me was Diversity and Inclusion. I chose to EXALT DIVERSITY and INCLUSION today. With the following images, I leave a brief reflection…

“To live is to enjoy magical moments alongside another being, no matter the physical form; age; color; sexuality; gender; nationality; origin. A simple smile when enjoying life respecting the “different”, leads us to pleasant discoveries in full certainty that we are actually the same.” – Magni

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