Frederick Anderson Pre-Fall 2022

Frederick Anderson Pre-Fall 2022 Frederick Anderson Pre-Fall 2022 Courtesy of Frederick Anderson

“It’s only been four years, and as I get more focused, it just blossoms,” designer Frederick Anderson said of his brand’s journey with pre-fall, whose focus and messaging directly stemmed from a personal journey of exploring his own American identity.

“I was thinking about what “My America” collection would look like. I originally thought in my heritage that I was American Indian and Black. Well, guess what? We did research this summer and I’m not American Indian. I am Irish and Nigerian; I call myself the original Black Irish. That is the real American immigrant story, so I call it ‘100% American…An Immigrant Story.’ It’s about the idea that nothing that we’re told really is true, there’s so many layers.”

The designer started the collection with off-reds and blues with deconstructed, geometric lines, as well as a purposeful lack of stars, “because we still haven’t gotten there,” he noted. A mix of soft structured silhouettes with refined, sensual appeal (ranging from sexy dresses and textural crochet offerings to graphic, sheer lace garments that played to the idea of structure seen through the illusion of the body) filled the tight collection, while subtle laces and fringing, as well as tartan tweeds.

“Where I’ve come out of COVID-19 is wanting to do things that feel good to me and hopefully this translates through the clothing and my messages. It’s uplifting, modern, fresh and young.”

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