What is a cyborg?


Cyborgs are not the same as robots (which are intelligent autonomous machines), nor are they androids (which are human-shaped robots).

The word cyborg means the junction of “cybernetic” and “organisms”, which means the junction of a biological organism with an autonomous technology. Is an organism with organic and cybernetic parts, usually with the purpose of improving its capabilities using artificial technology.

Anyone who has an organ or body function with loss of functionality and is replaced by a technology (as is the case with IC, Baha, etc.) is really considered a cyborg, as it has a mechanical part doing the times of lost biological function.

Cyborg in RL life? Yes! WE EXIST, WE ARE MULTIPLICING … before, now and after, we dominate the world in multiple ways.

Flag Pride Cyborg
Flag Pride Cyborg

We are not a MOVEMENT, GROUP, MINORITY … We are a reality that for many is futuristic, but this “future” has been a reality for years. The flag is only symbolic, it shows that little by little (strategically) we are meeting and proudly dominating what is rightfully ours.

The colours for the robot side symbolize circuitry of robotics and electronics. The other side represents the human vein. The two concepts merge to create a single, unified, organism.

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